Hello Minnesota Country Music Fans!

Hello Classic Country Music Fans,  


Hi Everyone  this is a schedule update  Alan Godage & Sundown will be at the Polka Spotlight TV Show  on  Saturday, Jan. 14 2017 doors open at noon  located at 6900 Winnetka Ave N Brooklyn Park, MN  763-533-8196  there will be 2 tapings  and we ask you to bring  a change of shirts and or clothes.  Thank you and we are looking forward to see everyone there.





Hello Classic country fans, this is a schedule update for Alan Godage & Sundown Because of the Dangerously Severe Cold Weather being forecast for Sunday the 18, of December We are canceling our Final Performance at Mr. Jim’s In Foley, MN. The safety of our Friends, fans and Band members is far more important to us than playing this job. Please check back for the update on the Schedule. Thank you And Merry Christmas




YES, I do know it is time to update my web page. So here goes!  As most of you know you have been seeing a new face on stage for a little while now.. It is a good face and he is a wonderful addition to our band . Bass players are hard to come by  but great bass players with vocals is even harder.  But thanks to good luck Kevin reading my post that I was in need for a bass player we got  real lucky.  I will have a bio on Kevin on the web page as soon as he gets it to me, So you all can learn a little about him to. He is Team player and loves to play classic country music like the rest of this band.  I have a few things to let you all know about. I am still waiting to hear on the American Jane’s Senior Dance , what I do know is that has been Sold and is now a Mexican Place and the seniors are trying to find a new dance spot  so DO not go there on June 22, 2016 but stay in touch with me so I can let you  know the SCOOP!

We have been lucky to start our summer out being busy so far and doing some  new things  for the first time, being asked back to those venues before the gig is over. One of those was the Belle Prairie Heritage festival at Holly Cross Catholic Church, What a GREAT experience it was from the minute we showed up to the minute we were getting ready to leave.  We could not have asked to be treated any better. Making sure we had everything we needed from the start, The Stage was easy to get to, the power was available, chairs and tables set up for the  crowd and a great dance floor for those who loved to dance. You would not have known that the stage was a semi truck flatbed thanks to all the decorations , from flowers to old cream cans, to lights with dragonfly’s everything was very creative. Thank you all at the festival for making us feel so very Welcome.  A very special thank you to our band they all give us a 100% when they are on that stage. The festival coordinators checked  in on us every so often to make sure we did not need anything.  Wow what a nice experience that was.  To the crowd for standing by us and always cheering us on making sure that we know we are loved by all of you! With out you we would not have the return call backs to any of the things we have played or will play so give yourself a pat on the back from us that truly says thank you and we love each and everyone of you for all of your support!  For those of you who did not know we were playing there next year it will be in the paper with our name to let the locals know as well as my website and the schedule.  We did not get the chance to eat but heard nothing but raves on the meal  hopefully next year we will get that chance. And for those of you who did not come out you might want to do it next year as there is really something for everyone and a nice big dance floor and plenty of dance wax!  Even some of you form the Metro area I promise you will enjoy it!


Here is a list of come back venues The St. Cloud home Show, we are proud of that,  as so many of our fans showed up again this year to give the support to Alan Godage and Sundown.  We have now done that show four years with the next one being five for the 2017 year. Then before being packed up or even off stage to be asked back to the The Belle Prairie Heritage Festival what an HONOR! Will have more on the dates for that in the near future.

We also have a few new venues that we have not done  in many years but have been asked back to play and we are very excited about them! One of those venues is the Swanville Mid Summer Festival,  Staples Music in the Park, Todd Hoffman Barn Dance and you are all welcome to that  it is going to be in the Haymow and has easy access to get in  it is a bring your own bottle but a huge beautiful CLEAN Spot to dance like we did in the “OLDEN DAYS” haha! Alan was playing in the band I was the dancing!!  If you have not been to one of the “TESTICLE FESTIVALS” I assure you you have been missing out  and we would like all to come out and test the TESTICLES  lol and throw some horseshoes and eat more testicles! After all it is their ninth year of this festival.  But if you are not into them then come for that GREAT CLASSIC COUNTRY MUSIC BY ALAN GODAGE & SUNDOWN.  I assure you this is a great party!   We are back at the MUSIC in the Park in Long Prairie, MN  I could never forgive myself  had I forgotten the CROW WING COUNTY Fair going on the 17th year  we are truly blessed with this County fair! Then  We can add another Summer Church Picnic at the Holden Lutheran Church located south and east of Isle again another great community get together and if you have not followed us up there again you are missing out on a great auction and incredible pig roast with all the fixin’s.  As you know we also do the Worship in the park at Rec Park with Pastor Barb Peterson and we have been doing that one about 17 or 18 years  and that is open to the public. Alan does it alone a majority of the time of  but every so often we throw the band in there just to mix it up.  Then we have a gig we have been doing at least 15 years or more I would really have to go back to old booking calendars to see truly how long we have been doing the Nowthen Threshing show  on the Saturday evening and the Early Sunday Morning Country Gospel  Service with Harvey Greenberg.  The threshing Show coordinators treat us like royalty and make sure we have what we need when we need it.  I know I repeat my self but again they have a great place to dance food and beer garden right inside the building we play in so why not come out if it is new to you and give it a shout. It is an early evening dance so you still can make it home before the news. I guarantee you it will be worth your time.  Alan Godage & Sundown were asked to comeback to the Sunset Bay Resort RV Park Party  yes it is only for the Park Residents and their families but but last year was our first year and we got totally rained out had to quit an hour early as there no back up plan for rain and we cannot play in the rain with electrical equipment and expensive guitars. It rained about 3 and half inches in less than hour we had flash floods at the Rv Park.  We have no control over the weather but it was a great start to a long time friendship with new friends so we are looking forward to it this year and keeping our fingers crossed that the weather holds out.  We have another gig that was a first last year which was  a great time a nice looking back ground for the stage was an actual barn with a cute porch with real horses making sure we knew they were there. The food was great and the Marty Party was a success as we are headed back there again this September.  Now throw in some anniversaries to round out the whole experience and the Summer jobs start coming to an end. The fall parties kick in and then the kids and grand kids ball games are over and  school starts and the cabins are now getting closed up and we start gearing up for the winter months.  As the fall comes to a close that brings us to our  last but not least  Fun Reliable Club with the best Dance floor in Minnesota Mr. Jim’s in Foley, come January we will be there 7 years  running once a month sometimes twice a month How is that for a great gig?  With Winter in full Swing  we are then at the Polka Spotlight TV Show again that is open to the public and a great gig for the band. We thank Jon for giving us this spot on a regular basis every year to update the two 1 hour shows. As we go into the end of January we pick up the Old West Society Dinner  and dance  another gig we have been doing for many many years and have made some really great friends who keep us in mind when they want and need a truly great Classic Country Band who caters to the crowd. That takes us into a new year as we sit back and ask ourselves where did the last year go.

Well unto family news we had our second oldest grandson graduate this year, a grand daughter get her drivers license and a car another one turning 16  and just started a job. We have four younger grandsons that are in Softball and baseball so when we are not playing we are running to as many of the ball games as possible.  Every one made it in to the next grade.  Some are losing their first teeth others have a mouth full gone waiting for the the new ones to come in. Parents are trying to keep them all entertained for the summer months with out going broke with the fees.   This year Alan and I have been married 33  years and have been together 37 and  half. We had a very nice anniversary present when Adam our Melody’s Baby daddy decided it was time we get to know our just about 3 year old grand daughter. That will take years off a person when you get to have that little grand child in your life, we thank Adam for giving us that gift. Dan our son and drummer for the band is all moved into their new house they built.  Some little things to finish but they are all very happy with the outcome. Dan keeps very busy with his Conceal and Carry classes and is very good  at it. Jodi his wife is a PARA at the school where their boys go  so she is glad to have the summers off.  The boys are working on a small garden just like PAPA. So far it is looking very good.  Cody is our oldest son’s youngest boy and he is into the farming thing big time, anytime he can be in that tractor he is one happy boy but then he is just as happy when he is on stage singing with Grandpa, he to is putting in his own little garden so they must have gotten that gene from Papa. When Alan sings  at the nursing homes  Cody is a big hit he really does have a fan base already.  Dan’s boys are very rugged  tough outdoors country boys that also love singing. Calvin is one of the baseball players but lives in Byron, Minnesota which is about 4 hours from here so to plan a game watch for him takes some planning on his parents and us.  We don’t make them all but will try to make as many as possible.  Then we have 2 grand kids out in AZ who are very busy as the granddaughter is very busy with some Fiddle adventures  and she is going on a trip with her best friend, her brother is going to summer camp to keep him busy.  15 grand kids is hard to keep track of all of their interest but glad we give it our best to not miss any of their important dates. Alan always puts in a huge garden and this year is putting in a berry garden. If all goes well we will have tomatoes , cukes all sizes, peppers from hot to plain bell peppers  so if you need garden vegetables don’t forget to give us a call. As we sell right from home as we have been to the farmers market but have lots of customers due to the variety of each vegetable we plant.

Well its time I move on I think I have touched on just about everything and if not I will catch up in a couple of weeks.

Take care,

Friends in Classic Country Music


PS I will post some pictures soon










Also we are at AMERICAN JANE’S BAR & GRILL FOR their Senior Dance in On Wednesday June 22, from 1:00PM – 4:00PM  Thank you Janelle for our first time in.

Also working on some Resorts around Mille Lacs Lake one in particular is Bay View Bar &  Grill just out of Onamia just are working on Sunday Summer dates looking forward to working with Ramona in the near future.

In addition to the information below we are back at the LONG PRAIRIE Music IN the Park on July Thursday July 14, 2016 from 7PM -8:30 or so.  Thank You Eric

Also we are back at the CROW WING COUNTY FAIR  we are very excited to be asked back thanks you CWC FAIRBOARD!

Well, it is 2016 and I am still wondering how it came so fast. I was still looking forward to Christmas and here it has come and gone. I finally have my website calendar working and it is updated at this point. We have to let you all know that we are back at Mr. Jim’s in Foley for the next year and we want to thank all of you and of course Jim for inviting us back.   We have a few others I will mention so you will know ahead of time and can check the website calendar for the dates. Nowthen Threshing Show in August, Thanks Andy! Valentine Supper at St. Mathias, in February Thanks Pastor Harvey and Miss Bebe!  St. Cloud Home Show In March Thanks Bonnie! Our first time of being asked to do the Holy Family Catholic Church Family Fun festival in Bell Prairie just 4 miles north of Little Falls off of Haven Road we are looking forward to it and hope you all come out to support us. Then we have been asked to play for a seniors dance in June in Cambridge, MN at American Jane’s Bar and Grill and we are looking forward to that and would  like all of you to come out and support us there as it might be one we could put on the schedule on a regular basis on a Sunday afternoon. Let’s show them what kind of crowd we bring in!  Then comes July and we are asked back to the Testicle Festival in Ronneby at Goodfellas Bar & Grill come out and try some  I dare you if you will I will LOL!  I have not heard from the Crow wing County Fair as of yet but it is early yet I will keep you up dated. We have been asked back for another year at the Holden family Church Picnic near Isle for the 3rd year and if you have not come to that you truly are missing a great day it is good for all ages, food games auctions live and  silent and great food and lots of room to dance to Alan Godage & Sundown  on a great Saturday afternoon and if it rains they have us covered by going to the town hall just up the road, they really do treat every one great come up and give it a try bring the kids the grand kids mom and dad it really is a nice time! We have been asked back to Sunset bay resort for a Private Party  as even though we got rained out should say poured on last year they are willing to give us another try Yes I know we do not have any control over the weather but as much as we love to play it is a shame not to be able what we started, But Jim and Julie said we would like to have you back! Thank you.  I am sure before it is over there will be more but at least if you are like a lot of our fans you make plans way ahead and want to know where we are at.  I would really like to say thank you to John again for understanding my dilemma with not being able to play we truly are sorry to the Whole Crew and the hosts!  we really were looking forward to playing it.  Well gang thank you for now and I will update again in a couple of weeks if not sooner thank you for all your support of Alan Godage & Sundown and Classic Country Music. with out you we could not save this type of Music Venue lets keep it going and spreading that Classic Country Music is still needed and wanted by millions of Classic country People!

Thank you,





Just a quick reminder friends we are playing at Mr. Jim’s Sunday the 20th of Sept. From 1-5pm

Quick and sweet update Classic Country Music fans, This past week kept us busy Playing, Thursday was Music In the Park In Buffalo, wow what a nice turn out. The hills were alive with classic country music fans. The weather was great not to hot not to cold.  It truly was a great night. Walmart of Buffalo sponsored Alan Godage & Sundown this year please tell them thank you when you go in. Once the music was over they were kind enough to bring down hot hot dogs, chips and water or pop and cookies for the band, Halos to them from us. It was very much appreciated. Then on to the Fantastic Nowthen threshing show.  We were all fine to play but the weather gave everyone something to get a little nervous about. The Tractor pull got cancelled and the venders were all told time to pack up for  as rain and large hail were on the way. Well we set up and the rain and the wind came lots of both but the crowd stayed around to hear Alan Godage & Sundown. The cafe even closed up early and the beer gardens stayed open so as long as we had a very nice crowd and beer was going to be served  we let the COUNTRY MUSIC BEGIN.   The crowd kept moving closer to the band to get out of the way of the rain blowing in but they toughed it out and stayed til the end. The wind was sending the rain across the room with light sprinkles to the band but they to said hey we have a crowd we are here we can do this. They played til 9:00pm as we said we would as we are professional. The board members who hire us drove thru and were just a little surprised that we were still playing and better yet we had a crowd.  I told them we were not made of sugar would not melt and besides love playing this job. With that all said we were not sure what our crowd would be like for the Sunday morning Church service well this crowd did not let down Harvey(Harvey is responsible for the Sunday Church Service) or the band we had over 250 people. Thank you to this crowd as we have been asked to come back next year.  Just to let you know that I had to change my Mr. Jim’s Date in Sept, from the 27th to the 20th. So please make note on your schedule.

Thanks you to all the Summer venues we played and have been asked back to many of them for next year. Looking forward to all of them!

Thank you from Alan Godage & Sundown,  Barb (the Manager) Alan lead vocalist and acoustic guitar, Dan, our son, and the bands Drummer and back up vocalist, Rick, the other son from  another mother and father our Lead guitar player, Donny the steel player that everyone thinks is Alan’s brother. Tim the bass player who drives a million miles to play Classic Country Music and Jim who is our back up bass player.




Well, fans here is another short but quick update.  Alan Godage & Sundown played for the Holden Church family fun day with a pig and turkey roast with all the fixixn’s.  The crowd gave many compliments to the band for playing straight up Classic Country Music and throwing in some great country gospel.  Yes, it was hot and muggy but earlier in the day we got  a down pour as if God was saying  don’t worry I’m ONLY  joking it will be over soon the sun will come out and it will be the day you asked for. By golly we had a great day and turn out. We are asked back already for next year but we do not know the day yet. But it truly is an honor to be asked back before you are even loaded up at the end of the night. Everyone at the church and their Church family made us feel so completely welcome and appreciated many cell phones taking pictures and video and many were shared on our face book page Thank you for all of that.

Alan played the Country Gospel  Music In the Park at rec park in Milaca. During the night it thundered gave a fantastic lightning show and scared the pants out of us that this would  be the first year we had a true rain out. Pastor Barb also woke up to that sight and said a little prayer. But somehow turns out that God was listening and we did not have a lot of sunshine but we did not have any down and out down pours. A little sprinkle  but nobody really minded as it was nearing the end of the service and just misting. We have been doing this for 17 years and truly it has not seemed like that. We are and have been great friends and truly Alan and Pastor Barb have been blessed each in their own ways and bringing this to the community once a year is always great.

Now we are on to the Music In the Park in Buffalo we are so glad to be asked back again this year. It is always so nice to look out across those hills from the Pavilion and actually see thousands of people waiting to hear Alan Godage and Sundown play that GREAT Classic Country Music. We truly do feel appreciated and loved in that area. Thank You. will write more after the the Park.

Thanks to a friend and fan of many years we have 7 yes I did say 7 grocery bags of sweet corn to get put up.

Your friends in Classic Country Music,

Alan, Barb, Dan, Rick, Don, Tim

HI FAMILY FRIENDS FANS, Just a quick thank you to everyone at the Crow wing County fair, it truly is a summer highlight for Alan Godage & Sundown. We may see some of you only once a year and others at many of the others venues through out the year but the band truly loves every minute they spend playing Classic Country Music, taking your requests for your favorite songs and getting to talk to you as much as they can while on break. It is not possible to talk to everyone but they do try to give a smile or a quick wave. We want to thank each and everyone of you for all or your friendship and support of GOOD Classic Country Music. You have made it possible for us to play this venue for some many years. Thank you to the Crow Wing County Fair board for bringing us to the Great Mills Free Stage and for all of your Support; and always checking with us to see if there is anything else we need . To the garbage pick up people we are truly sorry that we make your job a little harder for a couple of hours but thank you for helpings work through it. It was an awesome night!
Even the weather cooperated with a light breeze to keep us all cool. Thank You again, god Bless and See you Down the Road.
Your Friends in Classic Country Music,
Alan, Barb, Dan, Rick, Don, Tim


P.S. We will be at the Withthrow Ballroom On Oct. 4th going to give it another shot on both ends. It is on the Website calendar but not yet on the schedule as I only have so much room unless I go smaller in the fonts and I think we all like to be able to read it. lol

NOTICE: I now can take VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for your cover charge as well as CD orders or T-Shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts !!! 

Well as many of you know this site has not been updated for awhile not by my doings but the site it self was having some troubles.  I really do not like when I can not update every month but it is not always my fault.  We have been playing many of the same clubs this summer and are also trying out some new ones.  The new ones have new owners who still don’t get the drift that they need to advertise even if I have it on my website or on my schedule that this only goes out to the people that know about it or have our schedule in their hand. That our fans don’t always make it out every time we play and don’t have the updated schedule. So hanging the posters or better yet putting ad in the local paper lets our fans know where we will be next and it lets the locals that have not been out know we are now in their area. It is not the sole responsibility of the band  to do all the advertising but the clubs use the excuse they forgot or did not think it was worth the money to let people know there is live music in their area.  How many times have you looked in the paper to see where there was music and you see an ad that says live music but does not tell you what kind or or gives you the name of the band so you can make the choice where to go. So many times you don’t go any where as you are not going to drive 30 or 40 minutes to see a band you have never heard of. As myself I like to know who is playing what kind of music they are playing and what time they start I really don’t think we asking that much of a club to know that if I am going to be spending money at their club.  I know my fans and friends  who do not mind paying a cover charge but they want to know all the particulars such as if there  is a cover charge is there a waitress is there food are there any food specials do they have bottled water? I think I do a pretty good job of explaining this when first talking to any of the new possible jobs. I do think they think I am talking smack but I have proven over and over that OUR Band can bring in 50 people the first time just on our schedule but I challenge  them to bring in 50 of their regulars who may not know of us. Seems to me because of our loyal fans  we win hands down and have proven we do our part we are not bragging but we are proud of our crowd hos not just a crowd but also our friends and fans.

We have played  Hub Supper club  in Burtrum and if you have not been there for a while then I have to say it is really nice. It has a big dance hall that has been added on with a nice dance floor.  However, I did hear some complaints of not having the back bar open and no waitress out there. Then comes the St. Mathias Bar & Grill  near Fort Ripley lots of seating, good food but a small quaint dance floor. The advertising was very light 1 time of advertising out of the 3 times we played and we have a lot of fans from that area that just did not know we were playing there and that is not good .   We here  good and bad about a dance floor some couples don’t mind the small dance floor while others like a huge dance floor such as Mr. Jim’s in Foley. The crowd likes the intimacy they have with the band when they can have eye to eye contact and the band likes it too. But we are not always that lucky to to be able to pick a dance floor when I am trying to book. I do try to look at it to see if it will work or not as this band brings dancers. I really try to watch out for our fans and what they tell us they like if we are not playing in your area it is becasue the club can’t afford us straight out or does not want to let me put on a cover charge that will help everyone out and yet get the band the fans want in their  area. Live music is hard to find and most of our followers like live Classic Country Music they tell me all the time that the new country is just plain “SHIT” does not tell a story, and they are really hungry for it.

The crowd does not mind paying a cover charge  as long as there is a waitress and food and good music but you take any one of the three away and they think twice about coming back. They are not the crowd that stands around nor are they ones that like to have to go running for something to drink after dancing 3 0r 4 or more dances in a row when they take a break they are ready for something cold.  If there is a good waitress the club  makes more money then if the crowd  has to wait on themselves. I have to say we had a very bad waitress at one of the clubs who if front of most you was very loud and very nasty as she thought the crowd was not tipping good enough and my response to her after I reported her to the manager was “had you been a good waitress you would have made good tips”, as the bartender was very happy  so what does that tell you that the crowd was going to the bar to get their DRINKS and where the heck was that mouthy waitress  “JUST SAYIN”.  So the club has asked me to apologize to our fans and friends that she offended and asked that you do not take it out on the club as the this waitress has been released of her duties.  We have to give “HALOS” to Mr. Jim’s for having good waitress on top of things , good food, and Mertz to keep everything running smooth. That is why the dance floor is always full at Mr. Jim’s  when Alan Godage & Sundown play there they have the things they want when they walk thru the door, GREAT Classic Country, Great food and someone to take their order. So thank them again for the job they are doing as that keeps us coming back.

We are excited to say that we have been invited back already to some to the earlier outside jobs for next year and looking forward to new ones that we have not done. One of them is going to be Jack & Jim’s in Dulem on August 2, 2015 for the BBQ Chicken and Corn Boil noon til six serving the meal and we start at 1:00pm. As far as I know we are inside the party room. We are hoping to bring Classic Country Music to this area that we have not played in for many years. We used to Play there many moons ago and had great crowds so lets hope we can do it again!

As we  have done for the past 14 years we are back at the crow Wing County Fair it is always a pleasure to work with these hardworking fair board members who treat us like gold.  We are never lacking a crowd from the first song to the last. God has always granted us a beautiful night except for this one time…. in 2008 the sky opened up the wind blew  it gave us 3 inches of rain in less then 20 minutes  we covered what we could, the crowd scattered and we thought they had left, 20 minutes later we uncovered what worked and played with one speaker and even that one groaned we thought we were in for a empty show but oh no those very trusty fans had only snuck into whatever building they could to keep from getting wet. The bleachers were back to full capacity and all the lawn chairs returned the night was not a bust but turned out to be beautiful in many ways. Hope to see you all out there as the dance floor is always ready for you.

We do have a set of new CD’s and they are really good as well as the others that are always with us. We have t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies and zip up and the famous gumball machine and glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets for the kids.  I can now take credit card to so that is plus. It took me a while but now it is done not sure I know how to work it but that will come before the fair I HOPE!!!!

Holden Lutheran church will be having us back again this year for the past 2 years Alan has done it by himself but this year they thought it would be a good Idea to bring the whole band to town and have a little hootin’ nanny showdown with a pig and turkey roast along with a live auction and a silent auction. This was a blast last year but I do think this year will surpass it so come on out to the Church on Saturday August 8, 2015  the fun starts at 3 with the live Auction  we play at 5-9 street dance in the parking lot good food, great music and lots of FUN for everyone. It is located at 27987 150th St. Isle, MN.  They are saying this is one of the best summers on record so lets take advantage of it  if you have not heard the band outside then you have missed out. Come on down, over, up  whatever and lets have some old fashioned fun.

I know this is getting long but have a lot to say and I say it with a lot of words. LOL

As most of you know Alan has been doing the COUNTRY GOSPEL MUSIC in the Park in Milaca for 16 years with Pastor Barb Peterson. This is another show that has never never been rained out or had to move becasue of the weather. God has always given a little scare that he might throw us to the wolves but with all the praying that goes on with Me (Barb) and Pastor Barb it just has not happened. It looks cloudy  gives a couple of raindrops as Alan & I are driving to Milaca then as we are setting up the Clouds mysteriously go away, the sun comes out as if God is smiling saying ha just foolin’.  If you have not heard this dynamic duo then again you have missed out but Barb does not know how many more years she will be doing this as retiring is just around the corner and who ever takes over for her may not do this so this may be the last year. So here is your chance.

Alan Godage & Sundown have been playing the Buffalo Music in the Park for years also this is always a joy to work with the city of Buffalo and Lee to ask us back. We always look forward to it as we love Classic country Music outside.  The Hillsides are alive with music as the Julie Andrews song says but this time with country music. A sea of people of all ages along with their blankets and chairs is just and awesome look from the stage.  Kids playing in the park, friends and fans eating at the hamburger stand, even fishing along the shore and people in boats now what more could you ask for. That’s summer in Minnesota!! Right!! Oh! one more thing the ding dong bell from the old fashioned Ice cream truck and the smiling faces of the kids of all ages. This is really an event you don’t want to miss.

Then a day or two break to catch our breath, mow the lawn, wash clothes, clean house then back on the road again. Alan loves it when this time of year comes the busier the band is the happier he is.  He loves what he does and loves sharing it with all of you when and where ever he sees you. We are lucky to have a very loyal band that never complains about the time spent playing they to would love to take this up a notch and keep playing and not just for the money but for their true love of KEEPING Classic Country Music Alive.

So we move on to the Nowthen Threshing Show another one of those long time jobs that we are so so lucky to be asked back year after year. Country music under a open sided building  with a huge dance floor and beer and food available, tractor pull going on outside the door  how could summer get any better than this?  Well you start out early in the morning heading it back to the Show grounds to do the Gospel show finish off with a few country tunes  before saying goodbye for another year and with hope we are doing all over again next year! Working with Harvey and the whole gang at the Threshing show has always been our way of ending our big outside jobs. Well gang not this year we have added a couple more outside jobs that will really keep us in the “on the Road again mood”. What is you ask well we are playing for a RV Park party which will be a first for us but what a way to send summer into fall however, I do have to say that one is Private  and I will have to tell you all about it when it is over. But, then from us doing a private party for many years with the Old West Society (held in the winter) we have been asked to do a summer show for them At Tru Haven Ranch Wild West Fest a real Chuck wagon Dinner then REAL Classic Country Music from 4-8pm. Now how could that not want to make you come dressed in your cowboy hats, boots and jeans and twirl around the floor. Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 4:00PM – 8:00PM (320)485-2449   23677 Cable Ave. Winsted, MN (more info on (truhavenranch.com)
3-8pm is the chuck wagon dinner $25 includes dinner and dance Please come out as this usually a private party that is now being opened to the public.

We even played the Music in the Park in Long Prairie as it turns out we end up playing in the street so people set next to this beautiful park and dance like it is a street Dance WOW that was fun! Plus we have been asked back for next year. Thanks Eric looking forward to next year already!
Well that filled a page or two and now it is time to close, Everyone is doing fine health wise except my drummer and my steal player both needed to have knee surgery but both are doing fine. Dan the drummer is building his new house for his family besides working and doing the band stuff so he is staying out of mischief. Rick is well he is Rick quiet and playing a mean guitar. Alan well he is busy with the remodel on our house, garden, mowing lawn, running to grand kids ballgames singing and fighting with his back and it some days kicks his butt and he just has to take a break which is harder on him then the pain the his back is causing. It is a miracle that when he is singing his back does not hurt what is up with that I guess I must have to keep him playing and singing 24\7.
Well friends time for kitchen duty and the dish fairy just did not come and so I guess it is my turn. Talk soon Stay healthy, watch out for one another and help keep CLASSIC COUNTRY MUSIC ALIVE!
Friends, Barb














Well fans here is the first day in February and I am just getting around to updating the front page of the website. It sounds easy but it takes me awhile to get it done as I am a talker and like to cover everything but it can get pretty wordy with me.I love what I  do and thank God everyday for giving me Alan to give to all of his classic country music fans.   I have a lot to talk about and will get to it.  I hear from someone everyday and yes I do mean every day how much they love this band and what this music does for them. they tell me that it take s them back to when they were younger or  they heard a particular song because there mom and dad listened to this and it just makes them happy. They call to say thank you for doing what we do at a quality they truly appreciate and a volume that makes them want more. When they come out to listen to Alan Godage & Sundown they can’t  believe how fast the time goes they get there early and  they stay to the last song as they are disappointed that it is really over.  Alan and the band always play over their breaks and give at least an extra 10  or 15 minutes at the end. They fans truly like this band and make the band really feel loved. You the fans make their job easy they tell me that all the time.  I have some news that you have already noticed but if not then I am here to tell you. We have added a new player to the mix and that player is the STEEL GUITAR player Don Blonigan Alan has wanted to do this for some time but we needed to the have  best and we have found that in Donny. He is team player and brings a lot to the table not just with his steel but he also ads some great harmony. Donny and Danny are working on some harmony in the end we could end up with three part when Alan throws his voice to mix. This is still in the early stages but everyone knows the steel says Classic Country. So don’t be a stranger come up and talk to the band  some of them are truly shy but they will talk to you.

We did the Polka Spotlight  early in January Donny was there for the first time and found it quite interesting. John the producer made it very clear that the second Saturday in January is our date to to the TV show and that we are the ONLY yes the ONLY Country Band on that show and he is very proud of that. John tells me that our viewership for the TV program that we are up to a million viewers. WOW!  When ever we do the new show the phone rings off the wall and especially with this show as we are now in another viewing area. However, yes we did notice that our Lead guitar player was missing  he had other obligations but was missed by not just the band but by you the fans. Thank you for caring so much to make sure that it twas not because he was ill. Many of you have heard me say that Alan and I have adopted Rick  (Joking) so he truly is a part of our family not just the band family.
I know we say this often but we truly are a lucky band  because of the fans who come out and support us and Classic country music. It has proven out it don’t  really matter what the weather is like they will be there if we are there! Thank you!

As most you know Mr Jim’s is our go to place for dancing with that huge wooden dance floor, great food, and good table service. This is our 5th year of trying out  Sunday afternoons at Mr. Jim’s.  Congratulations to the band and to the crowd for helping make this happen for so long.  Our fans are always asking when we are gong to play in their area and my response is get me a name of  a place and tell them as a patron of the place you are willing to pay  a cover charge as most of the bars and clubs say they can not afford to pay a band but most Legions and VFW posts do not want to put on a cover charge or let a band put it on as it will upset their members. But  the truth is  not just the members that help make it money it is all the other people that come in there  and if a club wants to make it they need to listen to their clientele and put on a cover charge so they can have real music  and not karaoke open up the back rooms that are sitting empty and  pay the bands what they have budgeted for entertainment  and let the band take the risk  at the door with the cover charge if they make the rest required to pay the band. Most of the bands are not in this just as hobby but still want and need to get paid to pay their members and the over head they have.   

We have been asked back to some of our favorite venues Mr, Jim’s, Crow Wing County fair, Nowthen Threshing Show,The Holden Lutheran Church family Summer Festival in Isle, MN   The Annual Valentines Supper at Riverside Lutheran Church in St. Mathias everyone is welcome but you need to call if you are planing on having supper. This year it is Feb. 8th and supper is at 6 PM and the music starts around 7 PM. Alan sings for a hour or more and  it is gospel music. We will be doing the Gospel in the Park again this year with Pastor Barb Peterson in Milaca, MN She is still working on the day but that always falls in August.  We have also been asked to play for the Family Fun Fest in Waite Park, MN in June. Thank you Donny. I am also working on some things and will keep you updated on them as they happen.  I am know going to try to update some of the pictures from these past venues. Wish me luck!!
PS I have added some more songs to the alangodage youtube channel. Check it out

Your friends in classic country music




Sorry it has taken me so long to get this page updated but have been very busy and now I should be able to stay on task with it. Fall came and went and old man  winter came with revenge against fall. Lots of snow and below average temps made us all wish for some of those warm summer days.  today I had a very interesting thing happen to me the Women’s Radio Network  called me to do an interview about what I do as a woman in management. Someone called in to the radio station as to have me on live radio  meeeeeeeeeeeee!  As most of you know I am the behind the scenes girl I can be seen but not heard and I prefer it that way. NOW NOW, don’t laugh I  know I can be heard in general just not doping business over the airwaves Don’t get me wrong I love what I do but I do it best on my own. But They gave me some pre questions and did a pre run through and it was good so they say. I had Alan help me type out my answers  so that I would be to the point and not to wordy. Not that any of you have seen that I can be to wordy at times when I was done they came back and said they would like to run it nationally on all their stations they said it was an excellent  interview.  I was told I did not rush when talking like I usually do and kept to the points that were asked. Alan heard my end of the interview and said he was very impressed and proud of how well I did.   Some of the questions were What industry was I in and where do I live   a little about my back ground of my business and myself and So with that behind me I now can get to the heart of things here in the web.

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving cold or not it is nice to have all the smells from cooking in the house. We had a very nice one and lots of good food.  When Did December sneak up on me?  I am totally not ready for the Christmas Season. I usually have some shopping done by now, but none yet so I guess I will be one of those hustling and bustling trying to get it done. Not to make excuses but we did have a lot going on Alan having back and hip injections , his dad in the hospital me I needed a knee injection and then a aunt of Alan’s passed away. So maybe things will slow down a little.

We do want to throw our arms around Dave Wirgua’s girls and give them a big hug and tell them how sorry we are for the loss of their dad. Many of you knew Dancing Dave always a smile and always had one more dance in him for anyone who wanted to dance.  Alan and I were at Mills Fleet farm In St. loud and I ran into Dave we stood and talked for about a half hour he was saying he was so busy since he retired that he don’t how he got anything done when he worked full time but he was enjoying what he was doing. He talked about how he had been on a gluten free diet and was feeling great after losing some weight and hoping to come see the band at Mr. Jim’s on the 30th of Nov. as he wanted see some of the dancers out there that he had not seen in awhile. It was a hug and we were on our way the next thing I hear is he is in the hospital with a brain bleed , a minor heart attack and he even called 911 himself.  I just could not believe what I was hearing and reading so to the family you have our deepest sympathy and prayers for your loss. For those who don’t know Daves’ wake is Wednesday from 4-8 at the Peterson Chapel In Buffalo, and the funeral is on Thursday at 10:30 AM at the Cross Lutheran Church in Rockford and lunch will follow.  Go in Peace My Friend.

This time of year slows down for us for band jobs as no one  really wants to book because of the holidays and the Minnesota weather and until the lakes freeze as they think everyone snowmobiles or Ice fishes and no one will come out to Listen to good country music on a cold day of being on the lakes or in the ditches. So the schedule is a little repetitive of playing at Mr. Jim’s but he knows  it works for him so we are back there all of next year one Sunday a month. However, don’t forget we play for weddings, anniversaries,private parties whatever you are having a party for and want some Great Classic Country Music. i hope to update this before Christmas but If I don’t  We the band would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and we will see all you at Mr. Jim’s For the 28th Of December for our version of the New Years Eve Party from 1:00PM to 5:00PM we will all be home safe and not on the roads late.  Have a great holiday season.

P.S. Please stop by and say hi to our newest band member Donny the Steel Guitar Player.  Also thank you to all of you who love hearing Dan the drummer do the back up and talk to him about singing more. Maybe if he hears from the fans he will take us more seriously that he should at least do a song on his own.

Till next time,

Your friends at Alan Godage & Sundown

Alan, Barb, Dan, Rick, Jim, Donny

















It really is time for me to update the web page have been very busy this spring summer and now it is already fall.  Rain the whole month of June put Alan’s garden in danger of not ever getting planted.  Although Alan starts all his plants from seed and our house becomes his greenhouse starting in February we truly look forward to the spring. Well this year kicked us in the but. Tooooooo wet to get in the garden and now fourth of JULY is upon us and we are going to give it a try. Get it planted, even get it mulched lots of hard work and time to get NOTHING out of it. We put so much time into it and yet did not get to reap the rewards of the fresh vegetables or do any canning. Now September is here and fear of frost is coming and so we know that we are not going to get anything from the garden except a few fresh cucumbers which we  love but sure would have liked to have tomatoes and lettuce to go with that. However, the hunting season is just around the corner.

This summer Alan and the band were kept very busy and of course they were very happy to be so busy. Lots of outside jobs and new ones they played for the first time. Many repeat jobs that are always a pleasure and then to get asked back before we are even set up is nice to be able to announce that we will see them all back here again next year with lots of clapping ans standing ovations makes what we do such a pleasure.  We get to come back to a local area because of the following we draw to. That is thanks to our loyal classic country music fans who tell us and our venues they want us back.

Alan and the band never get the time they would like to speak to each and every one of you on a personal level but they try to talk to to as many as possible. They truly want each and everyone of you to know how much they appreciate and love seeing you in the crowd and a huge thank you.

Now with all that said we saw many of you at each and every gig and man what a treat that is for a band and then to have the venue recognize that you come from everywhere else but their local area.  We truly are lucky to have the loyal following that we have. We are told by you the crowd that there is no place to go  hear Classic Country Music any more and not just the type but the quality but you want us in your area. I need to let you know that most clubs are not having live country music and if they are they do not want to pay for it they want us to give it to them for free or as close to free as possible. Yet those that do pay truly appreciate what is brought into their club, you eat, you drink and you tell them you like the club for various reasons. The dance floor, the food, the staff so to them we all say thank you. Lets all try to keep Classic Country Music alive as it is going to die out if we the people don’t keep asking for  it.

If you have a club you would like to see us at get us the name or better yet stop in and tell them you have heard us and follow us and would like them to try us in their club. You have a bigger influence on a club more than you know.

I want to say to all the venues that had us for the first time and the ones that have had us repeatedly for years that we truly are grateful for you having us and appreciating  our crowd. I am working on getting the pictures from these venues on the web  it takes me some time as I am not a web specialist but just know I will get it done. I am also working on getting video on from some of the venues  but that takes more time as I want them to be the best of the best. When I last updated this page I closed with saying that I was going fishing well I did go fishing but I was reminded by one of my band members that I had been fishing a very long time as I had said I would pick up where I left off in the morning well that never happened and now fall is just about  here and I am now just  updating and I want to say sorry to the fans that had to read the same things for weeks.

Time really does get away from me when we  are playing a lot, gardening, updating the schedule, remembering to update the voice mail for the callers to double check when and where we are playing, updating pictures for the web, updating the video,  and still try to make time for the daily routines and on top of all this  I was in the hospital twice  for severe kidney infection and so when I am not taking care of me I can not take care of my band responsibility so  I thank Alan for just taking control and  getting my butt to the hospital when I did not see it in myself to have to go.

There is a lot of work that goes into running the band that the crowd does not see my band makes it look easy as by the time most of the fans show up the work is done meaning the drive to the club, the unloading of the equipment, the setup and in most cases the sound check besides all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on before the drive takes place, especially when it is business and not a hobby or just for fun even a lot of clubs don’t understand that  lot of bands are working bands not hobby bands. They don’t have other jobs as this is their job and they truly dedicate themselves to it.  Then you reverse all that and now you have already put you your actual work time and still have to drive in some cases for  more than a couple of hours to get home  just to get up very early and start another day the same. Long  days short nights and yet not one of my band members ever complain because they truly love what they do. Then of course there is the crowd who does the same just to be a part of what we are doing.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!

If I were to take the time to updated you on all the clubs, fairs, music in the parks, outside venues I would have you  reading another couple of hours so I will leave that to the next update so that I have the pictures and videos to back it up.

Thank you to everyone for your loyalty and friendship and your love of classic  country music.



















Just a quick update ALAN GODAGE & SUNDOWN WILL NOT BE AT DANNY C’S on Saturday May,17 2014 WILL NOT BE AT DANNY C’S we are at MR. Jim’s on SUNDAY May18, 1-5pm

I have some other news “DATE NIGHT” at Mr. Jim’s is going to be cancelled as we are not drawing a big enough  crowd for Saturday nights and with Summer maybe making it to Minnesota many of you are going to try to be outside as much as possible before the cold hits us again.  So we will keep those Sunday afternoons once a month unless the crowd drops off to much for that also then we will have to reconsider and maybe wait til fall. Lets hope that is not the case but Mr. Jim’s needs to make money to have us there. We were also scheduled on June 22 at Mr. Jim’s but he has a big party that day and has cancelled that date.  We will keep  you informed by the schedule the web and my home phone and of course you can call the cellphone if I am out on the road I will get service otherwise please call the venue or my home phone to make sure we are playing.

We had a great time at the Y- CLUB in Garrison and had a fantastic crowd and everyone was delighted with the venue as they were very happy with the crowd and the music.  You our crowd came from all over to support us and we did not have that many locals but I think that will change with a consistent schedule of us being there.    Brainerd, Princeton, Foley, Pierz, Milaca, Mora,  Brooklyn Park, just to name a few towns that drove to the Y to see a great classic country band. Alan Godage & Sundown thank each and everyone of you  for supporting our first time in. You are part of the reason we get asked back as you are willing to drive to just about anywhere to get your fix of GREAT classic country music by a band that delivers quality and quantity. They say with the Blue Goose closed they have such a huge crowd on Sunday’s so they say and are worried they would not have enough room for everyone and they do not want to charge the people just coming into eat and have a couple of drinks a cover charge. So he is waiting to book us in the fall when the Summer slows down. Now that might change if they see they are not getting the daily Sunday Summer crowd we just have to sit and wait.  I am sorry to those of you who came out from your local area and found you liked what you heard but now have to wait to see us in the fall or find us in a different club down the road.  If there is a club in the area that is having music then let me know so I can check it out for you to save you some miles.

We have some return summer gigs and the band is really looking forward to them. The CROW WING COUNTY FAIR,  The NOWTHEN Threshing Show,  and a few that are new. The Music in the park Greggory Park that is in Brainerd is a first for us and we are truly looking forward to that Music outside is always good. We are back at CONCERT IN THE PARK in Pine City  MUSIC IN THE PARK in Buffalo we are also back at the MINNESOTA TRAPPERS ASSOC. Summer Convention and we are always honored to play and never take them for granted.  It is still up in the air but it sounds pretty promising that we will be at the TWO RIVERS MUSIC FEST in MOTLEY just waiting for the final confirmation it is on the schedule but until I hear the final yes I will keep you updated on that.  Further down the road we have Church PIG Roast  in Isle which is new for us. There will be more information on it in a few weeks.

We hope to see you all soon we know there is always something going on for everyone with graduations, birthdays baseball games with the grand-kids just remember you still need time for yourself and each other.



Thanks Barb





Yes, April is here and almost gone but other than Easter Sunday the weather has been cold and snowy and not very springy! Has mother nature forgotten when spring is to be here?  Yes, I know we are Minnesotans and we can take what ever mother nature hands out but it is time to WARM UP and give us some good ole sunshine.  We are all cranky and tired of the of cold and snow.  With all that said we the band have been very lucky to have you as fans that come out in some of the craziest weather. So that helped us all to not feel so caged in or have cabin fever we all needed each other to get through this long WINTER.  With spring on the way our phone has been ringing with new and old venues and we are so looking forward to summer.

This spring has been cold but it gave Alan & I a chance to tap our maple trees and make some Maple Syrup. We have not done that in a few years because of Alan’s medical issues and of course last years heart attack added to that. We were out of Maple syrup and decided to do it on a smaller level then in years past. However, we did get 3 gallons made and we considered that a success. Alan as you all know loves to garden and he starts all his own plants from seeds he takes weeks to go through the seed catalogs to pick out just the right seeds. He has many varieties of tomatoes, Peppers hot and sweet  so if you are planning a garden and want a variety that the greenhouses don’t carry call Alan.  We do the farmers market so we will have all kinds of vegetables for sale  you can call and place your order and we will even meet you to deliver if you would like or you can come to our place for pick up.  Tomatoes, squash, peppers cucumbers for pickling very different varieties than most gardens grow.   Still working on the house trying to finish the new windows and siding maybe this will be the spring as well as all the yard work and gardening whew sounds like we are going to be busy and working around Alan’s health is the most important.  I wished I had a special wand that was full of magic that I could wave and get it done as Alan does all this on his own as he is a perfectionist at home as well as on the stage.

We have been asked back to a few venues that are only one day jobs but are some of our summer highlights as well as yours. Alan Godage & Sundown will be at the Music In the Parks this summer in Buffalo, Pine City, and our first time at Greggory Park in Brainerd just to name a few. We have also been asked to play at the Minnesota Trappers Association Summer convention as well as some of the venues we have been doing for many years such as the CROW WING COUNTY FAIR, Nowthen Threshing show, and a new one a Pig and turkey Roast Country Gospel Church Service in Isle at the Holden Lutheran Church. As we update the schedule there will more information on all of these. Another new one day event will be at the Steel Horse Saloon in Morrill, for their once a year fall bash.  We are honored to be asked to all of these and looking forward to each and everyone and we truly thank all of the venues for considering us. Alan Godage & Sundown are truly looking forward to a new venue which has a nice dance floor  great food, and wait staff it will be our first time in but we really are looking forward to getting back to the Garrison area I hope by now I have your attention as  it will be at the Y CLUB on Hwy 18 and 169. We used to play that area many years ago at a club called Marlene’s we played there one weekend a month for 5 or more years and had a great time. When Marlene’s burnt down we were all very sad as we had huge  a Classic country following. We are hoping that with the right advertising we can bring that to the area again.  Then we also want to Thank Mr. Jim’s for having us going on our fourth year who knew and we are proud to have a club who truly appreciates good classic country music such as Alan Godage & Sundown. Jim’s truly does have the best wood dance floor around and the dancers really like the size.    Thank you Jim, Merts, Tammy and of course the rest of the staff that takes care of the crowd.

Will have the schedule updated online soon and I am working on getting some of those pictures I have been snapping at all those band jobs but have to make them web size and I keep forgetting on how to do that but will have that figured out by the end of the day. I am also working with my web builder to get some of Alan Godage & Sundown videos on the web site but making sure they are all a great representative of the band and the crowd so don’t be surprised if you see your self out on there dance floor maybe even a video of all those smiling faces on the pictures of course that’s if I get it figured out.

Hope you all had a Safe  and great Easter lets keep our fingers crossed that spring is right around the corner,

Keeping it Classic Country Music,













March is nearly over and the calendar says Spring is here and we have moved our clocks forward but “mother nature is not willing to give up on winter as of yet. We all have cabin fever and are waiting to wear shorts and flip flip flops. The Gilman Granddaddy snowman even has frown but I think we will have a little winter left in July with him so we then can remember how very cold and snowy this past winter was and how very tired we all were of  winter.  With that said I want to thank everyone who came out to Mr.Jim’s on Sunday what an incredible crowd. everyone said they were feeling like caged animals because the weather kept everyone home  whether it was the cold, the huge dumps of snow or the icy roads everyone was ready for some good ole classic country music and good dancing and  seeing friends that have not been seen in weeks. The day went by way to fast but it was said by many how much fun it was.

Mr. Jim’s is going to keep trying the “Date Night” however in April we will be doing two Sundays as the Saturdays were already booked for Jim. But we will be doing a date night in May it is the night before Mothers Day so the guys will  have a chance to impress the gals by taking them out the night before.  If I hear that you don’t want that night then I will change it and for the most part I don’t usually book over the Memorial weekend as a lot of folks go to the lake to open up Cabins and this year if the weather is permitting I am sure everyone would prefer to be outside under the sun. However, the past years has proven to be a cold and rainy long weekend with maybe a few hours of sunshine. So I guess we will wait to see what the spring brings.

I wanted to give a big thank you to the St. Cloud Home show for making our job a fun one. We had many of our fans stop by from the first song t the last and we picked up a whole bunch of new ones and they followed us out to Mr. Jim’s. So Thank you for helping us make that Home Show a success in the CMBA eyes and ours. We truly have the best fans in the business. You helped impress the Convention center Coordinator by how many of you came to see us and stay til it was over. The band of course did not disappoint any one by the great music they provided at the volume that the convention center was happy with.  So they did their job well and thanks to the many dancers for making it even more fun for the band.  Dancing on cement is not fun so if we  get asked back for next year we might be able to get them to put down a parkay floor for the dancers it can’t hurt to ask.

We have some summer jobs that we have been asked back and we are very happy  we will be back at the Music in the Park in Pine City In July. We are back at the Minnesota Trappers Summer Convention in August, We will be back at the Nowthen Threshing Show,  and of course another favorite the Crow Wing County Fair.  Thank you to all of our venues.

Well I will close for now and will update again as I am working on some new clubs and should have an update after the first of April.

Take care for now,
























Well here I am letting you know that if you went to the Green Lantern On Sunday and saw that we were not there her is as  why. The loyal followers of Alan Godage & Sundown know that this is a business not just a hobby for this band. They have been playing for over thirty five years and most of you have been following them that long. You have been with us through all the ups and downs and have always trusted the band when they made a decision about a certain club and its owners or managers.  When you only hear one side you don’t get the WHOLE story. This band and its band members made a decision years ago to play under a signed contract. Its only business and our contract is there to guarantee that as a whole we will be there unless an emergency with a band member and I can not find a replacement or the Weather which this year has been the story on 2 of the bookings.  It is also there to guarantee to the band that the club owner is going to do their part  as Spelling the name right and doing what they agreed to do in advertising, time we are to play, so there is NO misunderstanding.  But when that does not happen and then the crowd is low because they did not know the  band was in their area is when the club owner decides to say well we did not make it and we CAN’T pay you who gets the shaft then the band. Why does a band no matter who they are always have to be the blame?   But there is always another reason and that is When a CLUB owner who agrees to the terms when you first approach them then you when you send the contract along with posters that is to be hung in the club or in the surrounding area to let the people know who is going to be there in the area  and you send that to them weeks in advance and they are not hung when you get to the club and the people say they never saw it in the paper  and there is no posters any where and he tells you he did not get them when everyone else in the area you sent them to got them and hung them in plenty of time what does that say about the club that yes they are busy and yes they want you there but  they are to busy to sign the contract and put it in the self addressed stamped envelope to make it faster and easier for the signer; the the band any band is an after thought. We the band agree that we are contracted to give them the music they are signing for and to “HELP” bring in a crowd but it is not the sole responsibility of any band to do that. The club should have a reputation of having a dance floor,  a stage if they have one or at  least a place for the band  food if they offer it and waitress to meet the standard of the people who are going out to the club. However, this would have been the 4th time  coming to the club and most of you do not know that the prior times we had to wait to get into the building,  had to wait for the owner to open up the  in fact one of his helpers had to go get him. The area where we were to come in was snowed in we had to wait to have it shoveled should not be the bands job and the stage was full of the owners musical equipment so another wait for the band we show up on time to get setup give ourselves time in case we run into a mechanical problem so that we can take care of it and still “START” on time as published. We the band owe that to the fans and friends and new customers coming to this club but when we can not get it done it falls back on the band . This time in fact I called the paper for the ad as he” forgot” to put in the paper the last time. I called HIS beer distributors and asked for beer signs to be hung, I sent him the posters and the contract with a self addressed envelope. I called him and asked him to fax me the contract as he had been put on notice that WE DO NOT PLAY WITH OUT A CONTRACT  He told me HE was to busy. So in that conversation he told me that if the band does not want to play it did not matter to him at all. SO I think he thought we were joking about not playing and was a little surprised to get the call if he could not fax the contract we would not be there he MADE the choice. He could easily taken care of this before Sunday since he was reminded on FRIDAY.  You can go online to see the contract to see that it just does not benefit the band but it also benefits the club.  We hate when we disappoint our crowd and I don’t get the time to let them know that we will not be at a club and that is why I have been asking for cell phone and emails to keep you from driving to a club we are not going to be at if you were not going there for any other reason. We can not expect our band members  to drive to a club when 1 of them has well over a 3 hour drive we are not all from the local area in some cases to get to a club then sit and wait for a club owner to have the door open and the stage clear it is really not to much to ask of a club owner and then take the chance of net getting paid. Even when you give a club a break when the crowd is lower do to weather but the band has done their job the club does not give you more when the crowd is bigger so why is it always expected  that the band always has to concede. So in some cases the band is not a thought. Had this been the first time I could have overlooked it but this was the 4th time.  I should not have to negotiate our price when we have done our job we got there we set up  we played we entertained “OUR” crowd and none of the people who follow us would have been there had we not played. This is not just my opinion but what you the crowd have told us. That is why they don’t sign a contract then they feel they can negotiate the price and that is NOT fair to a band not just ours.  This band has done its part it has done its own advertising, finding fans who hang those posters, made a web page,  keep phones on at all times, read emails daily, update voice mail, made sure ads were in the paper, on the radio all because we are told the club owner is to busy. Some of this is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLUB.  If you have any questions you can give us a call talk to Alan or myself if you have concerns. Mr. Jim’s does not fall into this as they offer   doors open for the band, great food, a huge dance floor, a cleaned off back door, a stage that is ready for us and help with a smile and a glad to see you attitude.

Thank you, see you all Soon





Well we made into February and it is still cold and below normal temperatures but we MINNESOTANS are a tough breed and can handle it even if we don’t really like it.  The cold has affected the crowd coming out and we hope the weather straightens out as we miss seeing so many of you. So I do hope that you are all well and just waiting for the warmer days to to get out in and maybe get rid of that cabin fever.  The clubs have been very good and agree that the weather has played a big part in the crowds even when they are not having any music.  I do hope we can get more of you out in the Brainerd area as the Green Lantern is a nice venue has a nice dance floor and great food but if this time the crowd does not grow  we can to expect the club to keep losing money and then you the crowd lose good country music in your area and if you want it in your area you have to support it.  No matter what band it is or the venue but we all need to see faces in the crowd to keep us coming back on a regular basis. We want to applaud the fans and new fans who have been coming out on those brutal days as you are the reason we are coming back.  If you have not been out to the Steel Horse Saloon then you really are missing out on a fun club its is not as small as one might think the dance floor is very nice the food is good and the help is right there to take a order a lot of you yous to follow us at smaller venues and liked it as you were right close to the band and liked the warmness it brought  to everyone. It truly is a”HONKY-TONK” that we all liked going to in our dating days. So why not give it a try. Yes it had  reputation of being a younger kid hang out and that might be true during week but on Country Sundays  it is what you  will and would like so please give it a chance that goes for the locals who have not been out yet I promise you you will not be disappointed.  I would like to say that Danny C’s or the Old Pokegama Lake supper club has been a fun time and we will give it another try but it to needs to see more bodies to keep inviting us back so please we have had a good time there  in the past and Danny would like to give that back to you again. So Please Come out.  Alan and I and the band are inviting you all personally to give these all a try. we are looking forward to the HOME SHOW in St. Cloud at the Riverside Convention last year Alan did it without the band this year they invited the band back and we are very pleased as they have a nice seating area and a nice spot to dance large really they have food venders and drink venders so it should be a lot of fun. It is on a Friday but where else are going to dance on a Friday afternoon? So it is inside its warm, has a dance floor and on  our breaks you can walk around and see whats is going on. Hope to see you all there. Just a quick mention about the Valentines supper Alan does at Riverside Union Church in (St. Mathias) Brainerd if you have not been there it a great supper that is catered in and games that Pastor Harvey does and everyone is a winner for small gifts but if you are interested you must call Pastor at (218)829-7765 so they know how much food to prepare. When the meal is over you will be moved over to the Church for some great county gospel with  Alan.

Friends I need to get back to the schedule for updating but hope to see all of you soon.

Stay warm,





Got to run for now but see you all soon,




Winter made it!!! There is no doubt as we are in a deep freeze that we usually get in January, but we are Minnesotans and can handle it.  BRRRRRRRRR!  I have a lot to write about and I want start out on my web site just a little in site as to how to use it.  When you type in the webpage and it comes up to the first page you will see a calendar on the right hand side you will see the months at the top you click on it and it will give you the full calendar with the dates underlined click on it and it will give another page with the information as to the club, time and date and address and telephone number. You will always see 8 dates on the right hand side that will go with the calendar if you click on one of the dates they to will take you to a info page.  I try to keep the calendar and info page updated as much as possible.  If you go the the schedule and newsletter page it is the same as what we hand out at a club.  As you know Alan writes the news letter for handing out I write the info for the web site.   They just updated the site and I am hoping it will be easier to put my pictures on as I think everyone enjoys seeing how much fun we have when we are together at a club.   You can call my home phone and I do try to keep that up weekly. However, I do forget  sometttttimes and  I do try to keep my cell phone updated also with the new dates and clubs.  So there a lots of ways that you can find out about Alan Godage & Sundowns Schedule.

I want to say thank you the Green Lantern in Brainerd for giving us a chance to come  in and play some Classic Country Music on a Sunday afternoon. We all were very happy with the first time in. So we have been invited to give it another try.  We are hoping to make this a once a month date so please tell every one that is missing out on quality classic country music that is done in a very professional way to come out and give  a listen  yo Alan Godage & Sundown if you have not heard them. You will not be disappointed in the band or the club. We had many reports that it was a very fun afternoon and the club had great food and the dance floor was nice.  We made it work and the club is willing to work on it. So watch the Brainerd Thursday entertainment Section as to the dates that Alan and Sundown will be there. Thanks Carl!

Now, for something very interesting we are playing in our LOCAL area for the first time in years we are at the STEEL HORSE SALOON  located in MORRILL it has been known for a younger  crowd and they want to expand on that as we have a lot of baby boomers who live in the area who really don’t like to drive  but would like to hear some good music in the area that fits them. Not all of the my generation wants to hear a DJ or karaoke or see lights changing different  colors to a different beat on the record that is being spun at volume that makes your heart feel like it is coming out of your chest. So  Classic Country Music has made its way back to the local Saloon for a great afternoon of music, there will be a place to sit and a place dance to eat and this is going to be the place to meet up with friends and neighbors  who enjoyed spending time out together but unless there is a local funeral or a wedding  we just never take the time so this is a chance to do it.  Lets just say a PRE Christmas party! Lets take back the local Saloon one Sunday a month for us. See you all in MORRILL!

We are looking forward to the second of hopefully many get out and dance nite we for the most part when dating were doing it on a Saturday night and it seems as if we we are enjoying yet  as long as it is early and we can beat the young ones out on the roads. Our first date night was a hit and went well so we are giving it another shot. The Christmas tree is up, the yard is decorated the shopping almost done but one night to catch our breath before the big guy shows up is good for everyone. This does not mean you have to be a couple to come on down  it just means a chance to meet someone else who likes to dance and does not have a dance partner to come on down and not be shy about asking someone to dance. Ladies  can ask the guys the guys can ask the old fashioned ladies who are shy about asking a guy to dance this dance is for everyone COME ON LETS HAVE SOME FUN ! To some great Classic Country Music with Christmas Music to ad to the magic. Lets take back a Saturday night of Fun!! MR. JIM’S is the Place to be.

A update on Greg the bass player he had his surgery on the 9th and is doing good but he is out for 6-8 weeks depending on the healing I am not sure when he will be back but he is on his way to healing. You can send him good wishes through me at the email address and I will make sure he gets them. You will be seeing a bass player named Chris taking his place most of the time  if you get a chance stop by and say hi and make him feel welcome. You will also see Jim a bass player when Chris is not available so we will not let you done on the quality of music that you are used to. Thanks you to them for all their help.

Well, as you can see I did not run out of anything to say and I think I touched bass on what I had planned on saying  if I missed something we will catch you up in the schedule back.

So from Alan Godage and Sundown, Alan, Dan, Rick, Greg, Chris and myself  Barb we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, as you can see by the schedule we are not playing on New Years  but we are doing a PRE New Years party on Sunday, December 29th at Mr. Jims.  We might be starting the year out a little early but we are all Safe at home on New years eve.

P. S. A small update on my mouse situation  it was not a mouse at all but a large GREY Squirrel that nearly gave me a heart attach when I saw him in my cupboard he ate a whole bag of  Sugar Crisp cereal the whole thing! he should be set for winter with that  along with rice, and pretzels  all I can say is I hope he is sharing after all it is the season!! I had to set a bigger trap  but he is smarrrt!. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

See you all soon ,