YES it is 2018!

Hello Country Music fans,

It has been a while since I have updated this site. Many reasons for the long wait but am glad to be back at it again. As many of you know Mr. Jims and Alan Godage went their separate ways , however that was not our choice but the choice of Jim before he got killed in the car accident.  That was back in November of 2016, So all of 2017 we were not in the Foley area but we did play all of our long term jobs that we have had. So with playing out all the dates we had and for the first time in 40 years Alan decided to take the winter off. This winter was a good one to take off bad roads lots of snow  ice, and freezing cold weather.  Not to offend any one but the age of our fans is not your 30 year olds who don’t really worry about the risk in the weather conditions but we thought it best for us to watch out for our fans and hope that on the days that the weather was not good they did not have to prove their loyalty and drive 100 miles to see and hear the band. As we have seen it over the years no matter how bad the weather we had the core group of fans that made it out every time we played. So to them we say thank you but hope you understand Minnesota WEATHER is very unpredictable just sayin’!  The crowd who is not in a band may not always see that the band members must leave a couple hours earlier than usual to get to the job just to bring in the band equipment which has sat in the trailer all week  in below zero weather  and now has to be brought in to a 70 degree club and this equipment has to be warmed up before it is turned on to keep from blowing it up.  So when it  has been the third coldest winter on record I guess we did the right thing  not just for equipment , fans but also for the band members who have to do that extra early drive.

There is lots to talk about grandkids have all gotten bigger another one graduated, all of them passed their grades and are looking forward to summer vacation some that  are out of state are coming to visit on vacation with the parents.  I always heard that when you retire that you are busier then when you had a full time job, well we are finding that out everyday you think you are going to get so much done and you get half of what you really wanted as time just goes so fast. They tell you to stop and smell the roses but some days you don’t even have the time for that. Winter lasted forever this year snow yet on the ground just a month ago, it goes and we get 90 degree summer weather when we have not even had spring. Now we are getting spring rains and cool weather  come on Mother Nature Make up your mind please.   I want more hours in my day and these days to slow down so we can get things done. It seems like we start one project and have to let that go to get another going but never get back to the first fifty things we wanted to get done or started.  But it will still be there tomorrow right so you do the important things and spend time with family and friends and get back to the projects when the time is right. I do know that Alan is looking forward to playing all the summer dates and did not mind not playing in the winter. However he is not a snowbird type who could live in a warm climate 6 months out of the year and fly coup when cold weather returns.  He always says its nice to visit but I love the Minnesota Seasons even if they happen in one day.  So maybe we will hit the road and do some traveling come fall check out some warmer places to play during our Minnesota winters for a couple of weeks out every month but that is in the talking stages. However, I like the idea as I like it warmmmmm!

Alan Godage and his band members are looking forward to the summer gigs and having missed our crowd looking forward to seeing all of you at one or more of them. At time of this writing I am getting those dates on the schedule on the website, on paper to hand out and on face book so I hope you all come out to one of your favorite spots to hear  the CLASSIC COUNTRY MUSIC of Alan Godage and his Great Sundown Band!

Hope to See You all Soon,

Your Friends in Classic Country Music,