Well Friends, I am sure you have been checking in on the alan godage website and finding notheing new fro the last couple years thanks to COVID19. Well We are done with that most community events are back on and ready to get back to some kind of normalacy that we have been LACKING!

Alan has missed all of you more than could ever be explained He loves playing music but more so loves playing for you the fans. Not being able to play to the crowds or funerals or private parties took its toll on everybody! Band members who loved to play were missing out on playing being with their band familes and chatting up with the crowds giving them great country music to dance to. Well time to take back our lives and enjoy it. WE MISSED OUR RESIDENTS AT MANY OF THE ASSISTED LIVING PLACES OR THE NURSING HOMES WE LOST MANY OF THEM TO COVID BUT lets hope we got it under some control and can enjoy going out to eat and not having to wear thats mask at the table only to lift up to take a drink or a bite of food. So many of the clubs lost so much of thier clientel and most importantly their workers and the ones who still not want to work. They don’t have the finances to pay out the upsfront money it akes to pay for a band. As like other josbs Musicians have overhead as well their equipment, the insurance they have to pay, the vehicle they drive. So finding musicans who really want to play or drive or Play Classic Country Msuic Has benn Mine (Barbs) biggest challange. But the ones that do are and have been an asset to us. But Band mambers can not play for free and they have worked on their talent for many years. It may seem like a band job is just a hobby but for most real musicians its their fulltime job. And yes there is lots of work to setting up a band to play a 3-4 hour gig noone ever thinks of the long drive many musicans put in just to get to the gig, setup for playing , play the gig and then break down and still have to drive home. That does not include making sure they eat before or after the gig gas, so its may look easy but friends unless you have been a band member or a roadie for the band just try to remember the talent that our band requires does not get them for free. So If you have to pay a cover charge to hear your favorite band, or the club raises their food prices or their drink prices to make sure you get the bands you want please remember we really are trying to accomadate all of the fnas and friends. If you don’t like a band the bar managers need to know who you want what you are willing to pay to get them. Its different now and the older crowd wants afternoon music, we all have to take some kind of meds early morning or bedtime and we still like to have a drink or a beer want to have something to eat don’t want to drive in the dark don’t want to be out when the the deer are making their way to their favorite food plot. We got this We are Minnesotans and we love our Classic Country Music as much as the Nashville crowd and we have some really really good talent and just like the The Grand ole Opry we have some Reaalllllly bad talent and you wonder where they came up with them. But we the people can help by only going to the good stuff and tell them about the bad and that will help all the venues. With good bands you will will draw good crowds with band bands you will get no one a second time.

Some of you know that Alan Godage & Sundown have had to make sme changes to even their musicians, Some band memebers have moved some have moved on to other bands but, ones things for sure we never go backwords if we can help it. And flot of bands are sharing some of he same musicians cuz there is jsut not enough of Old country players for all the good country a bands but we don’t mind sharing most of the time !lol

Alan has been in good health as well as I. WE BOTH HAD COVID, WE BOTH HAD OUR SHOTS, WE BOTH HAD THE BOOSTER, WE BOTH HAD THE ANTIBODIES CUZ WE HAD COVID. So I sure hope we are covered!

Dan our Son and our Drummer ended up with Covid and nearly died on us as he didn’t even realize how sick he was. He has been sick since the End of November and still isnot up to the stamina of setting up litttel lone playing his drums he misses it more everyday but needs to get well for himself so he can play with the band and still help take care of our Little New Miracle granddaughter Haddie Lee. There is a 12 year span between her and their youngest son but they got the girl!!!

You will recogize some of the band members who have been gracious enouth to fill the gap and we are so pleased they have been there. Alan wants and needs the best to sit beside hime aon that stage where ever that stage is! Ernie Renn Steel PLayer and great friend, Kevin Klimek great lead player, bass, player drummer lead and back up vocals, hes had to fill all those hats from time to time with Alan and never complained! Jim Olsen who has been with us off and on for many years great Bass player great Wedding music lead player adds back up and front vocals when needed. Then you have Alan whose vocals have only gotten bwetter even with not playing as much. He’s known as the Charlie Pride of Minnesota as People never get tired of hearing him sing. God gave him this talent and he shares it with the world for that we are very very lucky. Hes not a “I am the Star Guy” he’s the I just do what I do I sing a good country song and play a little guitar and I hope that everyone likes what I do. Writes great songs is a wonderful musician and voacalist a Incredible Husband and a wonderful dad but being Papa is his pride and Joy!

Well friends, so that kind sums up that last year and we are hoping to keep adding to that schedule as we move forward if you have a club you want me to check out please let me know. I will keep working on improving my live streaming skills which might take a while but Will let you know when I am so if you can’t make it out to the job that you will still get a chance to here Alan and Sundown!.

SO I AM GOING TO CLOSE FOR NOW BUT WILL TRY TO KEEP THIS UPDATED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and you can always call me text me or email me.

Thanks Barb

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