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Hello Classic Country Music Fans,



Hello Classic country fans, this is a schedule update for Alan Godage & Sundown Because of the Dangerously Severe Cold Weather being forecast for Sunday the 18, of December We are canceling our Final Performance at Mr. Jim’s In Foley, MN. The safety of our Friends, fans and Band members is far more important to us than playing this job. Please check back for the update on the Schedule. Thank you And Merry Christmas


I am finally updating our web page and schedule.

The last time I updated was for our grandkids they are really proud of who their grandpa is and wanted their friends to believe them when they said  he was their grandpa. So I gave a little bit on each one of the grandkids and who they were and how they were related.

As you may have noticed music has been a little slow for not just our band but for a lot of good country bands. The clubs are looking at saving money by going with a  DJ or Karoke so live bands take a back seat until they find out that only works for a little while and the crowd wants some good dance music. The older crowd wants to dance to good country musis with some fifties and old time thrown in. They are not afraid to pay a cover charge but do not want to stand at the bar for 10 or 15 minutes waiting to get waited on while the younger ones get waited on f irst as the lcubs thinks that is where their money is being made. If they aare paying a cover charge they want a place to sit down and would like to be waited on and they have told us would spend more money but don’t  like to stand at the bar waiting for a drink. Dancers find themselves driving a little farther to find a band they want to dance to.  Summer jobs are always fun as a lot of them are outside and the sound is so gooood outdoors. We are looking forward to being welcomed back to the Crow Wing County Fair, the Concert in the Park in Buffalo and of course the threshing shows.  So we hope to see alot of you again soon!.  If you have not been to Crickets Bar and Grill In Amery, WI do yourself a favor and drive over there it is the old Tac ballroom. They have a great dance floor and a wonderful fish fry on Fridays and of  course they have a full menu and the food is great.  We had a lot of people from the Almelund area there as well a people who came as far as Monticello and south of the cities so it would be nice to draw more of the locals if possible.

You will also notice that we are back at the Medina, I hope we can get more people out there there is lot of you asking for Alan Godage & Sundown to be there but we need to to do our part by bringing the crowd that keeps asking about us. So please tell all your friends we will be back and have them bring friends so we can stay in the area.

I have talked to alot of people who have said there is not as much going on for the dancers and they want to have a regular place to count on.  So maybe we can make  that the Medina here in Minnesota and Crickets in Wisconsin.

Well I am sure a lot of you have gardens and what a nice year for one. I think Alan trippled his garden space as he wants to have vegetables for sale this summer and by the way it is looking he will have enough  as long as we don’t get any hail storms to take it out. He has 150 cabbage plants in over 200 tomato plants and lots of squash, melons and pickle plants galore and of course is all organic.

I am going to cut this short as Alan will be putting out schedule and newsletter so Iwill lwt him take over.

Take Care See You All Soon