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Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Alan Godage. I am a professional vocalist, musician and songwriter. If you would allow me just a few minutes of your time I would like to tell you about a service I have available that may be of interest to some of your clients.

Over the years I have sung at many hundreds of funerals. In that time I have dealt with quite a number of funeral directors. Most have commented that the quality and style of music I provide is a welcome change from the way things are usually done. I hear compliments and comments quite regularly from family members and friends of the deceased individual that the music I provided was “just perfect” and “this was just what the deceased would have wanted”. It has also been a very common occurrence over the years for people to say to me “when I die I want you to sing at my funeral”.

Through my many years of singing for funerals it has become clear that not everyone wants to have traditional organ music or a choir singing at their funeral. The music and style in which I perform seems to fit well with what a lot of folks are looking for. I sing and accompany myself on acoustic guitar. My vocal and guitar style would best be described as classic country. I have been singing country and gospel music most of my life. For the vast majority of funerals at which I have performed, I provided all of the music. No organist or choir was used. In each case, this was at the request of the person making the arrangements. I don’t have a problem with an organist or choir being involved.

Most of my clients over the years have felt that what I do was fully adequate, so they chose to just have me provide all the music.

Here are some music samples:

The Old Man’s Prayer

How Great Thou Art

Amazing Grace

Whispering Hope

I have sung for funerals in most Christian denominations. I have sung in everything from small funeral home chapels to huge, cathedral like churches. I am equally comfortable in most any setting. I’ve done many services in which an un-amplified guitar and vocals were fully adequate and I’ve done countless services in which I’ve used a PA system. I carry my own professional quality PA so I am prepared for whatever the situation calls for.

I have an extensive list of music from which to choose, including many older, traditional gospel songs, some contemporary gospel and a number of country songs that are appropriate for the occasion of someone’s passing. In addition, I have written several songs which have become some of the most requested songs I do at funerals. If you so desire, I would be happy to send you a CD or cassette which demonstrates the types of music I do at funerals as well as the level of quality which you can expect from me. If you wish, I can also furnish a list of references which includes some of the funeral directors with whom I have worked as well as friends and family members of people for whom I have sung.

Over the past 33 years, my wife Barb has assisted me in dealing with countless bereaved people. We always treat everyone with the utmost dignity, respect and compassion. Some people already have music picked out. As long as it is in my repertoire or fits within my area of expertise I am happy to accommodate them. If they ask for something that I feel I can’t do up to my standards, I tell them so. We are almost always able to agree on something that suits their wishes. Others don’t have any specific thoughts on what they want for music. When this occurs, we try to learn a little about the departed individual and then make suggestions as to music that might best fit that person. A great many times folks simply ask us to choose music that we feel would be the most appropriate.

Whatever their preference, we strive to make what is usually a sad and difficult task as uncomplicated and bearable as possible. Barb also works with the funeral directors, music directors, priests, pastors, ministers, etc. to incorporate what we do into the rest of the funeral or memorial service so that everything runs smoothly.

I am available to perform at wakes, funerals, graveside services and any combination of the aforementioned. I have also at times performed at the reception following the funeral service. I am available for travel to most any location where my services are desired. My goal is to make the family and friends of the deceased at each service which I perform feel as if my part of the service was tailor made for them and their loved one. I want them to be able to look back and say “That music was the best part of the service … we’re glad we asked him to sing”.

The fee for my service varies depending upon location and the options chosen. In most cases the amount charged is determined after speaking with the person(s) making the funeral arrangements. If you, as a funeral director are interested in a basic price quote for your area, feel free to contact me at (320)355-2696. In many instances, the funeral directors with whom I have worked have incorporated my fee into the total cost of the funeral. They pay me directly and the family reimburses the funeral home for my fee. This seems to work quite well in most cases. I am willing to use whatever method is the most comfortable for all parties involved.

I truly hope that I have explained my service clearly and that at some point I may be of service to some of your clients. Please contact me at any time, night or day, if you have questions or if I may be of service to you. Also feel free to disseminate the information I have given you to any other funeral directors or clients. I look forward to meeting you and working with you at some point in the future. Again, if you would like a sample of my work on CD or cassette or a list of references, just give us a call anytime and ask for Barb. Thank you.

Alan Godage
35998 87th St.
Pierz, MN 56364
Cell 320-2373435

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