Summer is on its Way!

Hello Classic Country Music Fans,

We just want to say hope  you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We did we started out the Friday by playing at the Medina Entertainment Center. Not a huge crowd but a very loyal crowd. However, Bob at Medina did not realize it was over the holiday.  I would like to thank all of you who came out. Bob is not giving up on us yet so I am hoping you will tell all the dancers we will be back on Friday, July 24th from 7:30 -11:30pm.  I would like to see us bring in at least 100 people this next time or we may not be back. This has to be one of the biggest wood dance floors available  to you in the area. So please come out and support us at the Medina.

We aslo had a huge city crowd up at the Captain’s On Long Lake in Isanti. This crowd was ours all the way none of the locals, no campers, just Alan Godage and Sundown loyal fans. Thank you to all of you who have given this  club a try. I hope you tell more of the city folks how nice this club is and that they have good food.  I know for a fact the food is good as we have eaten there. Nice wood dance floor, friendly servers and they truly make our band feel appreciated. Come on out and give them a chance and not a far drive to hear Classic Country Music. Tell the servers where you came from and why you are there. No Cover either.

Now for a GREAT HONKY TONK, The Bridge Tavern 4 miles north of Crosby. WOW what a fun club, HUGE crowds, great food, nice dance floor and SUPERB service. This is a real honky tonk and they do not have any other kind of music in there except Classic Country Music! Do yourself a favor an make the drive I promise you will not be disappointed. Check it out and you will enjoy the drive because of the beautiful scenery.  Say hi to Joand Russ they will greet you with warm smiles and a chance to meet other Classic Country Music fans such as yourself. Don’t listen to the generic country! Stay true to Classic Country and it will be around for a very long time. This club is offering it to you and to us a band.

Looking forward to playing at the Fish Lake resort huge dance floor and I hear they have great food.   We are hoping to bring in the loyal followers from the Pink Diamond, and those of you who came out to see us at Roy’s in Bock and of course Milaca,Pease, and Princton.  I have worked very hard to get into these clubs in your area.  So please pass on the word  your friends and fellow dancers that if they have been missing out on Alan Godage & Sundown because we have not been the area here is your chance to help keep us there!

Now for band news some of you have noticed that we have a new steel player  in the band,  his name is  Kenny Huston and he comes from Menominee, WI. He is guy who drives the farthest in this band and never complains and he is playing Classic Country Music and it is what he wants to play. So if you get a chance please welcome Kenny to your area.

Have ratteled on long enough will go into detail on the summer jobs we are looking forward to playing again this summer.

Keepin’ it Classic Country


Spring Has Sprung

Hello Country Music Fans,


There has been a change in the schedule as usual as soon as I post on the web and put it in the Schedule some one calls me to say they need to change a date.  So the date of the Fish Lake Resort has been moved to June 6th, 2009. No MAY date. Thanks Barb

Just a short note on the new schedule coming out. It is starting to fill up nicely.  Club managers and owners were waiting on the spring after the long cold winter, as well as the economy. They were pinching pennies just like the rest of us.  I have to tell you folks if you had not made it out to The Bridge Tavern  4 miles north of Crosby you have been missing out. What a great club and what a fantastic group of loyal fans to Alan Godage & Sundown. We are so proud to call all of you our friends as well as fans. 

We truly have to give Jo and Russ big HALOS  for the fine job they are doing at keeping Classic Country Music alive.  They truly want Classic Country Music in their establishment and make a real effort to keep the crowd happy.  They have a cover charge but they also have waitresses to wait on you. The Food is great and the dance floor is always full.  The crowd comes early to get their seats and order food and let their food settle a little before the music starts. Once it starts the dance floor is never empty!!  So Thanks again to Jo And Russ for keeping Great Classic Country Music alive with Alan Godage & Sundown at this fun roadhouse club.

Now on to more news We are going to be back at the Lost Isle in Carlton. This has to be one of the biggest wood dance floors still around and it is kept clean so it is nice to dance on.  We did not get a chance to eat there but everyone I talked to said it was great. They  have waiters and waitresses to wait on you so you are not standing around waiting to get served.   Their customers are important  to them. That is nice to see. Thanks to Tim and his staff at the Lost Isle.  Please give this club consideration if you are looking for some great country music  Come See Alan Godage and Sundown on the 24th of April.

We have been invited back to Captains in Isanti. If you have not been to this club they have great food and a huge wood dance floor. They are looking to add us once a month so I hope all of you come out and support this great local club. Its on a lake and we have been looking for a resort and now we have that chance. Infact, they called and asked us to play this Saturday night the 25th of April from 7-11pm. It is a benefit  for a local Isanti man whos name I only got as Gilley he was hurt in a 4 wheeler accident  and this will help him and his family with the burden of mounting hospital bills. There is going to be a Spaghetti Dinner for $10.00 a plate and a silent auction.  Let’s show them that Classic Country Music Lovers have big hearts not only for the music they live for but for a fellow human being in need.  The benefit starts at 3:00PM and goes to 7PM  then the music starts.  There is no charge at the door.

We are also back at the Medina Entertainment  Center it sounds like a lot of you have been calling Bob at the Medina asking for us.  We want to thank you for that.  So lets give the Medina what it deserves and get a big crowd rounded up like we did at the  Knights of Columbus  in Fridley so we can keep coming back. At the KC’s you paid a hefty $10 at the door plus food and beverages on top of that. The Medina is only having $8.00 cover and let’s give  that dance floor a work out.  If we don’t have a great showing Bob won’t be able to have us back. We play at least 100 miles north of the cites for the most part so here is our chance to stay in your area.

Now for a new venue we are COMING to The North St. Paul Legion. They are looking at having us in there once a month  we will start out on a Sunday then try a Saturday evening and a Sunday afternoon. We are going to need your feed back to what you the dancers would like .  They have repainted the legion to give it a fresh clean look to go with the new management with new ideas. We just happen to be one of the new ideas they would like to try.  I have been to this club and it is very nice, it has a big stage along with a nice dance floor and great seating almost everyone in the club can see the band from where they sit.  They have added food such as hamburger baskets, onion rings, Heggies Pizza and hope to have more before our first time in there. They have free popcorn!!    No COVER Charge at this point. How good is that?  Please come support us at this venue as we are really trying to get into your area so help us give them a showing of  support for Classic Country Music.

I have to get working on the schedule, so I will close for now. Stay Tuned for updated information.