Hi Friends,

NOTICE: We will not be at the Bayview Bar & Grill In August as I had hoped as I made a mistake and forgot that Rick is not available on the 7th  and I did not put it down on the calendar and we all know we need Rick and want him. As far as the 14th is  Dan’s day to take off as it is his sons Birthday and they made plans and again I did not put it on the calendar. So thanks to Ramona at the Bay View for my totally confusing her and letting me move that date to the Sept Oct and Nov instead of Aug. Sept. Oct. Thanks Everyone every now in then I do get a BRAINFART!

It is time to update the webpage and it needs to be done now as I truly have not had time until now as Alan with the band and alone has been very busy.  Summer is here and just about gone.  I keep asking at 10 PM where did our day go and why is it going so fast? From morning to late evening I am either on the phone or at the computer making sure the schedule is up to date and making sure the schedule on the web page is updated. If all goes well I can get it done but when the computer decides it is got its own mind then there is trouble and that says the same thing for my printer and yes I do think it is operator ERROR!  as far as my printer I am sure it is possessed.  Then there is Grandson’s balls games that we usually make most of them but this year the band was busy on most of those Sundays and did not get done in time to make the games.  We squeezed in the All School class reunion for Alan as they are planning next years as it will be their 50th. Wow you say yes but Alan says he never feels his age and as long as he can play and Sing he will. With saying that the planning commission asked Alan and the band to play. So many of his class mates remember him from school as the Singer and guitar player and so it was just natural for him to be a part of that. 

We have played some fun new gigs

It  looks like summer finally made it to Minnesota. I know I was thinking it might not get here it did and I for one am very glad.  It seems like I just updated the website but it has been a month.

We were out to the  Fish Lake Resort if you are looking  for a bigger dance floor then this is the place to come. Jeff is the owner and is really giving Classic Country Music a try out there, They have food, a beautiful lake , nice dance floor and Great Classic Country Music Alan Godage & Sundown what more could you ask for  on a nice summer evening. Come on out and see for yourself.

Now for you that have been wanting us in the Metro area we are there. We are playing at the N.St.Paul   American Legion, what a fantastic club nice dance floor, great staff.  We are also at the Medina. Many of  you have been bugging Bob to bring our  band in there as you like the HUGE wood dance floor and great Classic Country music they go together.  So I would like to see a few more of our loyal fans and friends there so we can keep coming back to the metro area.

June really seemed to fly by and here we are already heading into July. I want a long warm summer as I like it hot and so far we we have only have a few warm days. Maybe we will have a long nice fall.  Alan raises all his garden plants from seeds his garden is looking  just great.  He plants, I water and we both put  up the produce. This year his garden looks exceptionally nice. If you go to the pictures you will see its progress as I will keep taking updated  pictures. Every woman should be so lucky. I hit the jackpot a man who can sing and loves to garden.  We put enough garden in for the whole family as they seemed to miss that gene. But they don’t mind coming home   for the  finished product. Everything from green beans to salsa.

Alan Godage & Sundown have a lot of fun summer gigs they are looking forward to. We Are back at the Crow Wing County Fair, National Night Out, Music In The Park in Pine City, it is an honor to be asked back. Thank you to the Pince City Arts in the Park Council and the Mayor. We are back again to the Almelund Threshing Show I think this is our 9th year.  We also were asked back to the Nowthen Threshing Show this time for all 3 days. What a huge honor! Thanks Harvey

Alan will go into more detail on all the summer gigs in the newsletter but he does not do anything on the webiste so I try to keep you all in the loop as much as possible.

We are playing at the Bridge Tavern on the 5th of July so if any of you are up north at the cabins and want a going home treat stop by this club and see us this is a REAL HONKY TONK with a real waitress to wait on you, a nice dance floor and GREAT FOOd come out and say to hi JO & RUSS you will not be sorry.

Have a safe and fun 4th of July Weekend. Hope to see  you soon.

Take Care


Summer is on its Way!

Hello Classic Country Music Fans,

We just want to say hope  you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We did we started out the Friday by playing at the Medina Entertainment Center. Not a huge crowd but a very loyal crowd. However, Bob at Medina did not realize it was over the holiday.  I would like to thank all of you who came out. Bob is not giving up on us yet so I am hoping you will tell all the dancers we will be back on Friday, July 24th from 7:30 -11:30pm.  I would like to see us bring in at least 100 people this next time or we may not be back. This has to be one of the biggest wood dance floors available  to you in the area. So please come out and support us at the Medina.

We aslo had a huge city crowd up at the Captain’s On Long Lake in Isanti. This crowd was ours all the way none of the locals, no campers, just Alan Godage and Sundown loyal fans. Thank you to all of you who have given this  club a try. I hope you tell more of the city folks how nice this club is and that they have good food.  I know for a fact the food is good as we have eaten there. Nice wood dance floor, friendly servers and they truly make our band feel appreciated. Come on out and give them a chance and not a far drive to hear Classic Country Music. Tell the servers where you came from and why you are there. No Cover either.

Now for a GREAT HONKY TONK, The Bridge Tavern 4 miles north of Crosby. WOW what a fun club, HUGE crowds, great food, nice dance floor and SUPERB service. This is a real honky tonk and they do not have any other kind of music in there except Classic Country Music! Do yourself a favor an make the drive I promise you will not be disappointed. Check it out and you will enjoy the drive because of the beautiful scenery.  Say hi to Joand Russ they will greet you with warm smiles and a chance to meet other Classic Country Music fans such as yourself. Don’t listen to the generic country! Stay true to Classic Country and it will be around for a very long time. This club is offering it to you and to us a band.

Looking forward to playing at the Fish Lake resort huge dance floor and I hear they have great food.   We are hoping to bring in the loyal followers from the Pink Diamond, and those of you who came out to see us at Roy’s in Bock and of course Milaca,Pease, and Princton.  I have worked very hard to get into these clubs in your area.  So please pass on the word  your friends and fellow dancers that if they have been missing out on Alan Godage & Sundown because we have not been the area here is your chance to help keep us there!

Now for band news some of you have noticed that we have a new steel player  in the band,  his name is  Kenny Huston and he comes from Menominee, WI. He is guy who drives the farthest in this band and never complains and he is playing Classic Country Music and it is what he wants to play. So if you get a chance please welcome Kenny to your area.

Have ratteled on long enough will go into detail on the summer jobs we are looking forward to playing again this summer.

Keepin’ it Classic Country